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Food Manager Certification

Massachusetts food establishments must comply with the state food code, 105 CMR 590.000. It requires each establishment to employ at least one full-time equivalent Person-In-Charge (PIC) who is at least 18 years old that has passed an accredited food protection manager exam. All other PICs must be knowledgeable of the food safety concepts specified in the regulations which are taught in these classes.

ALSCO Food Check Group provides class instruction and exam administration from accredited programs for any owner or manager wishing to become certified or knowledgeable enough to be in charge.

Food Manager Certification Classes are taught by Founder and Food Safety Specialist, Alfred Scoglio. His classes are easy to understand and presented in a direct and concise manner.

Certification applicants are given enough detail in the body of knowledge and Food Code requirements to pass the Food Manager Certification Exam and to learn good food safety habits.

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Staff Training – Food Safety Basics (also known as Food Handler Training)

In addition to those managers who should be trained and certified, your staff should be trained as well. We offer non-certification training at your location for all your food handling staff. Untrained staff can be your worst nightmare. Can you imaging a sick employee who is untrained, has not reported his/her illness to the Person in Charge and they are engaging in poor hygienic practices? That’s like a bomb waiting to go off in terms of food borne illness risk! To insure your food establishment is serving safe food you must not only have management trained but staff as well. They must know that they need to report any food borne illness diagnoses, symptoms or high risk conditions to management at once. They must know the importance of proper hand washing and good personal hygiene. They must know how to prevent cross-contamination and how to properly clean and sanitize equipment. And that’s just to name a few points our staff training focuses on.

Sign up your entire staff for a 2-hour or 4-hour in-house “Food Safety Basics” training so you can be sure you’re serving both good food and food safety to your customers. Call us and we’ll set a date to conduct the training at your location!

Call ALSCO Food Check at 508-930-1761 to schedule a Food Manager Certification class or exam-only session at one of our scheduled venues or at your location.

Food Manager Certification Classes

Upcoming Classes
Date Time City/Town Location
Feb. 20, 2017 9:00 AM Carver, MA Hearts Ablaze Center
Ask About our Self-Study Option Call for Appointment Our office or your office

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