HACCP Plan Development

For your HACCP needs, food processors such as seafood, meat & poultry and dairy processors, or other food establishments producing high risk food items, ALSCO Food Check Group provides expert HACCP Plan Development, Verification, Training and Third Party Audits.

ALSCO Food Check Group offers consulting services to the food industry including inspections & follow-up, employee training and HACCP Plan Development.

We are Certified in the NOAA Seafood HACCP Course and current with the latest Seafood HACCP updates from FDA. 


What is a HACCP Plan?

A HACCP Plan is a written document that delineates the formal procedures for following the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point principles developed by The National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods. Inspections have been a part of food safety regulatory activities since the earliest days of public health. 

In a HACCP Plan risk factors such as source of food, time & temperature are emphasized far more than in a traditional inspection. Traditionally, inspections have focused primarily on sanitation.  Each inspection is unique in terms of the establishment’s management, personnel, menu, recipes, operations, size, population served, and many other considerations.  The HACCP Plan goes one step further analyzing inherent risks, then describes preventative measures aimed at controlling, reducing or eliminating that risk. In a sense a HACCP Plan serves as a self-inspection tool because it anticipates potential problems and solves them before they can occur. For the Seafood Industry, HACCP guidelines have been developed by FDA and the Seafood HACCP Alliance. For Meat and Poultry processors, USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) approves the plant’s HACCP Plan.

Does My Food Establishment Need a HACCP Plan?

Retail Food and Food Service Establishments are generally exempt from mandatory HACCP requirements under state and federal sanitary codes. However, the Mass Food Code does require HACCP Plans for some high risk foods such as sushi, or items prepared more than a day ahead of time. HACCP Plans may also be required where raw or undercooked animal products are offered to consumers, for Reduced Oxygen Packaging, raw shells eggs, molluscan shellfish tanks or for establishments serving to Highly Susceptible Populations.  The regulatory authority determines that a food preparation or processing method requires a variance based on a plan submittal specified under § 8-201.12, an inspectional finding, or a variance request.  Although most food establishments may not be required to develop a formal HACCP Plan, they should be adhere to basic HACCP concepts.


ALSCO Food Check Group is currently offering consulting services to the food industry including:

Audits and audit follow-up
HACCP plan development and verification
employee training.

We Provide HACCP Support for All Areas of the Food Industry

  • Business Start-up and/or Expansion Expert Advice

  • State and Federal Food Code Requirements Consulting

  • Regulatory Liaison with local, state and federal Authorities

  • HACCP Compliance Certificates

  • Management & Staff Training

  • Certify Management staff

  • Executive Coaching 

  • HACCP Plan Development, Implementation, Training, Verification and Revision…

  • Prevention of Critical Violations

  • Cleaning Sanitation Schedules

  • Body of Knowledge Training: food safety, food handling & preparation practices, personnel hygienic practices, risk factors which could result in FBI, pest control

  • Food Borne Illness prevention & investigation

  • Complaint and Troubleshooting Investigation and Solutions

  • Laboratory Services

  • Food Defense

  • Labelling and Allergen Requirements


HACCP for Retail Food & Food Service Establishments

  • Food Manager Certification Training: classes & exam administration

  • Inspections & Consulting for restaurants, retail, deli operations, catering & residential kitchens, hotel/motel

  • Quality Management and Compliance Assurance for Sushi and other high risk foods

  • Time as a Public Health Control training & compliance

  • TIPS training for bartenders

  • Merchant Education for Tobacco retailers

  • Seafood Dealer, Handlers & Processors.

  • Seafood HACCP & SSOP training and development

  • Sushi and other high risk foods;

  • Preventing Quality and Sanitation breakdowns

  • Temperature Studies

  • Shelf Life Studies

  • Cooling Curves

  • Outgrowth Studies for spoilers and pathogens



Alfred Scoglio, Founder & President of ALSCO Food Check Group has over 30 years experience as a state regulator, consultant and trainer. He received numerous training certificates from FDA in all arenas of food establishment inspection, plus extensive training in FDA’s Seafood HACCP program, including the HACCP Regulators Course. After 22 years with the Mass. Division of Food & Drugs, Food Protection Program, Scoglio began a consulting career in 1999, working three years as Vice President of Technical and Regulatory Affairs for Massachusetts’ largest food safety consulting firm. His duties included: Lead Auditor, HACCP Developer, and Regulatory Liaison. Today, his company ALSCO Food Check Group teaches Food Manager Certification classes; conducts one-on-one consulting and training for restaurants and food processors; does Plan Reviews; and develops HACCP Plans for the food industry. Scoglio has personally instructed over 2,000 candidates for certification, performed thousands of restaurant and food processor inspections and written over 50 HACCP plans. 

ALSCO Food Check Group is currently offering consulting services to the food industry including:

Audits and audit follow-up, HACCP plan development and verification, and employee training.

Contact Al Scoglio at 508-930-1761 or 508-746-9353 email us info@alscofoodcheck.com